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What are carbon credits

Verified Emission Reduction (VER) is the commodity, issued following the implementation of voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction or removal projects, verified by an independent third party.

The carbon credit mechanism for voluntary projects, introduced by the Kyoto Protocol and later by the Paris Agreement, is regulated by standards that are eventually applicable. The unit is represented by 1 ton of CO₂ avoided or fixed.

The eCO2care registry

The eCO2care VER Registry (eCO2 Carbon Account REgistry) is a public registry of voluntary certified carbon credits.

eCO2care provides access to part-third certified greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction or removal projects and to associated VER-type credits, quantified in terms of CO2eq avoided (reduction) or fixed (removal).

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Through the purchase of VER-type credits registered on the eCO2care registry you can contribute to climate mitigation by neutralizing the CO2eq emissions of your product, service, event and of your entire organization by supporting projects implemented on the territory that have completed the verification process of their generated credits. To register a project and operate in the VER credit market on eCO2care you must have completed the third-party certification process and have an Account on registry.

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  • If you want to register a project you must have completed the third-party certification process and have an account on register
  • If you want to offset your emissions and if you already know the number of credits to purchase, contact the proponent of the project directly
  • If you need support in calculating your carbon footprint contact us
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Frequently asked questions


What is eCO2care?
The eCO2care (eCO2 Carbon Account REgistry) VER Registry is a public registry of voluntary certified carbon credits with a specific focus on activities implemented on the national Italian territory.

Who created eCO2care?
The eCO2care VER Registry was created in 2008, the first in Italy, as a response to the need for accounting for VER credits generated by certified projects, and managed by CE.Si.S.P., the Interuniversity Centre for Product Sustainability Development, based at the University of Genoa.

Who manages eCO2care?
Today, the VER Registry eCO2care provides activities that constitute a technology transfer into the industrial world of research results and are entrusted to Tetis Institute, a spin-off recognized by the University of Genoa.

What role does the University of Genoa play in eCO2care?
The University of Genoa is, together with Tetis Institute, the owner of the eCO2care Trademark. The University carries out the activity regulated by the Joint Management Agreement of the Trademark within the activities of the UniGeSostenibile Working Group and has committed to reinvest any income from the use of the Trademark in actions for emission offsetting and regeneration of university spaces (Board of Directors meeting of 28th February 2023).

Is eCO2care a standard?
Currently eCO2care does not have its own standard, but it provides access to greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction or removal projects certified by accredited/recognized certification bodies with proven experience in GHG emission certification.

What are voluntary carbon credits?
Verified Emission Reduction (VER) is the commodity, issued as a result of the implementation of voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction or removal projects, verified by an independent third party. The unit is represented by 1 ton of CO₂ avoided or fixed.

How can I offset my company's or product's emissions?
If you already know the number of credits you need to buy, contact the project proponent directly, negotiate a price to purchase VER credits, and request permanent retirement of the credits you buy. If, on the other hand, you do not know your emissions and need support in calculating the Carbon Footprint of your product (ISO 14067) or organization (ISO 14064 Part I), contact us

Do economic transactions take place on eCO2care?
eCO2care does not manage economic transactions. These take place directly between seller and buyer after negotiation of the price for the purchase of credits. At the conclusion of each transaction, the register accounting is updated and the corresponding credits are deducted from the original availability of the certified project.

How can I register a VER project
If you want to operate in the credit exchange market on the eCO2care registry, you must create an Account and then you can register a project that has completed the third-party certification process.

What documents are required to register a project?
In order to register a project, you must have all the documents showing that the credits generated by the project have been certified (Product Design Document, Validation Conformity Statement; VER Verification Report).

What are the use rules of the eCO2care Trademark?
The Trademark "eCO2care - Carbon Account Registry for Climate Neutrality" provides parties holding a "Retirement Certificate" issued by the operator of the eCO2care Registry with a guarantee that an amount of VER credits from projects registered on the Registry, corresponding to an equal share of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, has been cancelled. The Organization that has obtained a Certificate may use the related Trademark upon grant of rights by the Trademark holders (Stipulation of Trademark License Agreement)

What are the costs of eCO2care?
The Registry charges an Account creation fee and a project registration fee proportional to the number of registered VERs. Transactions are free for an unlimited number of transactions. The fees charged for all services attributable to the eCO2care Registry are available on the Fee Schedule

What is meant by OPTIONED VERs?
These are VER-type credits in the availability of a delegate, which can be permanently retired upon purchase by a registered user.

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