Incentives for the energy requalification of buildings for public use

This project was carried out under the Life LAIKA project ( and concerns credits produced for the purpose of a simulation and not actual credits that can be purchased. The project consists of the provision of non-repayable funds, by the City of Milan, for energy efficiency interventions and use of renewable energy sources in buildings. As required by the regulations on local authorities, in order to make the funding available, a call for proposals was prepared and published (see Annex 5) This is a call for proposals, activated in 2010 and still open, aimed at partnerships, corporations, private entities, public entities or publicly owned entities, for the following categories of buildings:

  • buildings used for hospitals, clinics or nursing homes and similar;
  • buildings used for recreational, association, worship activities;
  • buildings used for school activities at all levels and similar;
  • Buildings used for sports activities for the following types of interventions:
    1. Interventions on the envelope of the existing building: interventions on the parts that delimit the heated part of the building from the outside or from unheated parts and that is related to the vertical, horizontal or inclined opaque structures and windows including frames;
    2. Installation of solar panels for the production of hot water for sanitary uses and heating;
    3. Installation of photovoltaic panels;
    4. Installation, in replacement of existing ones, of heat generators fueled by natural gas with or without production of hot water for hygienic or sanitary uses equipped with energy marking equal to four stars (Presidential Decree 660/96 and subsequent amendments and supplements) or high-efficiency heat pumps or low-enthalpy geothermal systems;
    5. Installation of solar cooling type summer air conditioning systems.

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